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Ethan Orr is a Tucson native and third generation Arizonan. Ethan knows how to get our economy going again. He is the Executive Director of a statewide organization dedicated to helping Veterans and people with disabilities find employment. Working closely with the business community, he has created innovative training programs, started two small businesses, and in 2011 helped over 700 people find jobs. Ethan also spent years working in economic development. He has helped businesses move to Tucson, expand in Tucson and succeed in Tucson. Ethan has worked across party lines and around town to improve our community. Working closely with neighborhoods, service groups and non-profits he has fostered solutions on issues ranging from crime to city beautification.

Happily married with three children, Ethan earned both his undergraduate degrees and a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Arizona. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at the UA and Pima College for the past ten years. He has served on numerous local and state committees and has worked with a wide range of people to create solutions for our community. As a Republican in District 9, Ethan will make sure Tucson’s voice in heard in the State House.

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Priorities for Tucson


We need to develop a smart and successful approach to educating to our children. As an educator at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College and as a workforce development practitioner; I know first hand the value of a well-trained individual in the right job. I will work with all of the educational entities to give parents and children the opportunity to learn and succeed.


Jobs and job creation is the number one issue facing Arizona right now. I have years of experience in successfully creating jobs, helping business expand and in helping people find meaningful work. As the Director of an agency dedicated to helping people with disabilities and Veterans find employment we helped over 700 people find jobs last year. I have spent years in economic development understanding and applying ways to help businesses grow and succeed in Tucson. Everyone should have the opportunity for employment and I will work to make that a reality for you.


I believe we need to focus on solutions, not politics. Working together we can make Tucson the best city in the world. We have the people, the knowledge and the environment to create a truly wonderful place to live. What we lack is leadership. I will work with everyone regardless of party or political persuasion to make our city a place we can be proud to call home. I will fight for your interests in the legislature and continually bring people together to create community solutions.



  • Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
  • Arizona Association of Realtors
  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Arizona Chapter Associated General Contractors
  • Arizona Citizens Defense League
  • Arizona Highway Patrol
  • Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
  • Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association
  • Arizona Medical Association
  • Arizona Nurses Association
  • Arizona State Contractors Coalition
  • Arizona State Lodge – Fraternal Order of Police
  • Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants
  • Arizona Technology Council
  • Phoenix Metropolitan Chamber
  • Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
  • Tucson Metro Chamber
  • Tucson Police Officers Association


  • Selected as a Friend of the League of Cities and Towns - 2013 and 2014
  • Arizona Tech Council - Tech Ten Legislator 2014
  • Grey2K USA- Greyhound Leadership Award 2014
  • Arizona Music Educators – Legislator of the Year 2013
  • Arizona Association of Community Health Centers Legislator of the Year 2013
  • Arizona Black Health Workers Association – Herriot Tubman Vanguard Award 2013
  • Arizona Citizens for the Arts – Art Hero Award 2013, 2014
  • Arizona Business and Education Coalition – Champion of Courage and Common Ground 2013
  • Arizona League of Cities and Town - Champion Award 2013
  • Arizona National Association for the Mentally Ill – Collaborative Champion Award 2014
  • Pima County JTED – Champion of Career and Technical Education 2013
  • Support our Schools – Life Preserver Award 2013



I'm very appreciative of any help you can offer with my campaign. Even something as simple as writing a comment on my Facebook Page or talking to a few friends and neighbors goes a long way and helps me get my message to fellow Tucsonians. Thank you! -Ethan Orr


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  • Thank you to everyone who came to help with our campaign walk last Saturday! This campaign needs the grass roots efforts of our community! If you can walk with us another time, please Sign Up to be a volunteer! http://www.ethanforhouse.com ----> Click on 'Support'!

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 16

  • Here's a look back exactly two years ago with the "Jim Click Racing Team" at Saguaro National Monument. Tucson is blessed with so many great recreational opportunities, scenic rides and beautiful hikes. I love this town!

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 14

  • Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 11

  • Thank you to Cox Communications for inviting my wife and I to Primavera Cooks, it was a lot of fun and we were able to help raise money to create training programs to help people who are homeless find employment.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 09

  • Recieving a Community Service Award from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) this is truly an honor, thank you.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 05

  • EDITOR’S NOTE: Each afternoon in September, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we’re spotlighting three of Arizona’s 90 wilderness areas. For more information about any of the ...

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 03

  • On Friday I had a chance to meet with and speak to the Assisted Living Caregiver Network. I am truly impressed by both the passion and compassion of the caregivers. Thank you for what you do.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 03

  • Last Wednesday I attended the 150th anniversary of the Arizona Historical Society. It is amazing to see our state's history up-close and read the biographies of the people who made Arizona such a great state.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 02

  • Hope everyone had a terrific and safe holiday weekend! Now it's back to work!

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    September 02

  • #TeamEthan will be tailgating before the U of A game this friday and all are invited to join us or stop by for a hamburger and a soda. Just look for the BIG red Ethan Orr bus!

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    August 28

  • This morning I spoke to the students at Red Rock Elementary School before their student council elections. It was fun to meet so many students who were so eager and excited.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    August 27

  • Thank you to everyone who voted in the Primary yesterday and congratulations to all the candidates moving forward to the General in November! Now the real work begins. We have 70 days until Nov. 4th and every day gives us another opportunity to make our case to voters.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    August 27

  • Have a fun and safe holiday!

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    July 04

  • Join me tonight!

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    June 27

  • Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    April 20

  • Last week, the House passed the State budget. I want to thank my colleagues for helping me support the U of A, Pima College, the JTED and for adding funding to fix our roads. I also am appreciative to those members on both sides of the aisle who chose to be respectful of each other even though it was such an emotional night. I voted no on the budget, largely because we did not fund child care set asides, which is a highly effective way to help low-income families enter the workforce and also helps prevent some of the stress on our child protective services. I will continue to work to support this program when we vote on the Governors task force recommendations for CPS next month.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    March 31

  • Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    March 25

  • The House just passed my bill making the University reporting processes more efficient (56-0) and my bill working with the Missing in America Project to ensure that every Veteran recieves an Honorable burial (54-1). I believe that everyone who has served our country should be treated with respect and honor in life and in death. Thank you to the members of the House who voted for this bill.

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    March 05

  • TUSCON WEEKLY POSTED BY DAVID SAFIER Full disclosure: I’m an LD-9 resident, so I follow its political goings-on attentively and am likely to post about them regularly. Even for non-resident political junkies, though, LD-9 makes for fascinating viewing because it’s a rare swing district. Reps. Victor...

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    February 04

  • When I think of Arizona and who we want to be, it involves dreaming about our future as an imaginative, creative state and this would put us at the forefront.

    By Sarah Dinell Trips to space aren't exactly commonplace at the moment, but some lawmakers would like to address the liability of companies that plan to provide flights to space. By addressing the issue of liability, one of the lawmakers behind the bill says he hopes space flight in Arizona will be...

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    January 20

  • Did you know that one of the dangers police officer helicopter pilots face every time they are in flight is the chance of someone striking them with a laser pointer? It's more serious than you might think and I am working with police and other concerned groups on an important bill to bring real consequence to people who endanger those who serve us.

    TUCSON - The state legislature will consider making pointing a laser at an aircraft a felony. Representative Ethan Orr said the bill is written and he will file it before the legislative session, which starts January 13. Tucson Police officer and pilot Chris Potter has been working with Orr. He said...

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    January 06

  • Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    December 25

  • As a cyclist myself, I am very aware of the hazards of biking on the roads. Our first focus is increasing driver education and the dangers of distracted driving.

    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - With El Tour De Tucson coming up, bringing about 8,000 bike riders to Tucson, bike safety is taking center stage. Bike riders lined down Fontana Avenue and Blacklidge Drive, all waiting for their chance to shine. "I thought that it's really important for the safety of Tucson bi...

    Posted By Ethan Orr for State Representative

    December 05


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